Georgetown Design Challenge

When a lovely young couple contacted us, they were a little over 1 week from taking possession of their new home, which is a 27 year old detached house in Georgetown. They could only provide a picture of the space they wanted to change, a picture of a design look they wanted as inspiration, and a hand drawn sketch with some dimensions. The challenge was to replicate the desired design as close as possible, quote for the job, and do the work within a short period of time, without having seen the space.

In the before picture, you can see that there is a dividing wall between the Living room and the Dining room with a French door in it. This wall was a non-loadbearing wall which was put in by the previous homeowners. The new owners wanted to have a more open concept, and so they wanted that wall removed, and then a new half-wall built about one foot back from the old wall. This half wall would have columns and a header to look similar to the design concept picture you see here.

As you can see in the after picture, we had to make a false column on the right, to replicate the look of the design picture. This had to be done because the wall actually steps in and there would have been no space to put an actual column.

To finish the look, we smoothed the ceiling, which were previously popcorn. We installed the crown molding and painted the place according to the homeowners’ colour choices. They did not want the coffered ceiling portrayed in the design inspiration photo. The after picture shows the completed job from a similar angle as the before picture, with the hardwood floor and furniture in place.

Did we accomplish our goal? We sure did! Look at the pictures and tell us what you think.