Hardwood Installation Varied Width Baseboards Quarter Round in Oakville Full House Renovation By Adept Services

Full Home Renovation in Oakville

This young man in Oakville, was eager to impress his future wife. So he decided to do a full home renovation of his modern Townhouse. This would suit the old world taste of his Bostonian fiancée. The project involved: redoing the master bathroom; repairing and smoothing the ceilings in the downstairs areas; and replacing the carpet with a rustic look hardwood of varying widths on the floors and stairs. The baseboards were replaced with 6” colonial baseboard to harmonize the look. With help from his father and others, this energetic young man would tackle demolition and painting.

As always at Adept Services we pay attention to detail. Therefore, this client who is quite meticulous himself was able to see the project fulfill his high standards. Doing full home renovations require organization and skill to bring the projects to their desired results. We pride ourselves on the fact that our client could rest easy knowing that he was in good hands.

When this full home renovation project was completed we received a glowing testimonial and continued goodwill with this client. From these pictures you can see why.

Design Challenge to Build Dividing Wall with Columns and Mouldings and Paint in Georgetown for Adept Services

Georgetown Design Challenge

When a lovely young couple contacted us, they were a little over 1 week from taking possession of their new home, which is a 27 year old detached house in Georgetown. They could only provide a picture of the space they wanted to change, a picture of a design look they wanted as inspiration, and a hand drawn sketch with some dimensions. The challenge was to replicate the desired design as close as possible, quote for the job, and do the work within a short period of time, without having seen the space.

In the before picture, you can see that there is a dividing wall between the Living room and the Dining room with a French door in it. This wall was a non-loadbearing wall which was put in by the previous homeowners. The new owners wanted to have a more open concept, and so they wanted that wall removed, and then a new half-wall built about one foot back from the old wall. This half wall would have columns and a header to look similar to the design concept picture you see here.

As you can see in the after picture, we had to make a false column on the right, to replicate the look of the design picture. This had to be done because the wall actually steps in and there would have been no space to put an actual column.

To finish the look, we smoothed the ceiling, which were previously popcorn. We installed the crown molding and painted the place according to the homeowners’ colour choices. They did not want the coffered ceiling portrayed in the design inspiration photo. The after picture shows the completed job from a similar angle as the before picture, with the hardwood floor and furniture in place.

Did we accomplish our goal? We sure did! Look at the pictures and tell us what you think.

Master Bathroom Suite Renovation Pebble Stone Border Oil Rubbed Bronze Faucet By Adept Services Renovation Contractor

Master Bedroom Suite Renovation

This couple loves their new house for its layout and the pool in the back as well as the easy commute to work. However, it needed some customizing for them to call it home. After contracting Adept Services to tile the laundry, this couple decided to go with us for their master suite renovation. This exciting project features two barn doors.

The Challenge

In order to enter the master bathroom one would have to walk through the closet. Furthermore, the closet had in it a makeup area which took a chunk of closet square footage away. After much discussion it was decided that the makeup area be demolished and the space reclaimed for the closet. The doorway from the closet to the bathroom would be sealed and a door way would be opened directly from the bedroom into the bathroom.

The master bathroom was fully tiled up to the ceiling, this proved to give an oppressive feeling in the room. So it was decided that one wall of tiles would be replaced by drywall and that some of the shower tiles should be removed to install pebbles as an accent. Also, pebbles had to be installed on the shower floor to massage the feet.

This work would require quite some demolition, which the home-owners decided to do themselves to save some money. However, there was some specialized tiling demolition that needed to be professionally done as some of the tiling had to be preserved in the bathroom.

All the baseboards in the suite had to be replaced.

The Closet

After the drywall work was done then hardwood was installed on the floor to match the master bedroom floor. A closet organizer system will be installed after painting, which will be done by the home-owners.

The Master Bedroom

The home-owners removed the ceiling stucco and Adept Services fixed the corners in preparation for paint. The baseboards were replaced and a flush latch was installed on one leaf of the master suite entrance door, which is a double door. From the master bedroom you will be able to see the two new barn doors.

The Master Bathroom

With the one wall of tiles removed the master bathroom has a much more open feeling. The accent pebbles are in place, the drywall around the skylight was repaired, and after painting, the frameless shower glass would be installed.

The Results

Stay tuned……………

Stairs Oak Painted Pickets Painted Spindles Painted Posts at Superior Ave Mimico Toronto By Adept Services Renovation Contractor

Stairs Spindles and Trim Painting

Having used us in the past and loved our work, this couple decided that when next they were going on vacation they would leave the house key with Adept Services. The purpose was for us to use the time to sand and paint the stairs and railing spindles for their three story century home.

Clients’ Wishes

To make the interior look more contemporary, they wanted to change from the woodsy brown look of the spindles, front door, bench and trim to white. The railings were to be sanded and lacquered. This project required careful sanding and taping to maintain colour separation. Therefore, a two person crew would need a week to finish this project in this three story house.

How We Realized The Idea

Using a power sander and some manual hand sanding, we carefully prepared the wood. All the time attention was paid to dust control and cleanliness. Then quality Benjamin Moore paints were used to accomplish the desired results. Of course a protective clear coat was applied at the end of the project. The pictures testify to the results.

Basement Renovations Bathroom Laundry Kitchen Home Theatre Breakfast Counter By Adept Services Renovation Contractor

2 Bedroom Basement Apartment

As is the case with many young families, affordable housing is hard to find in the Greater Toronto Area. In order to accommodate their son’s young family, this couple wanted to finish their basement as a home for them. This basement is different from another 2 bedroom basement featured because it was framed with steel studs completely!

See how this basement which was a sketch for many years, finally became a reality.


Because it is a basement, natural light was an issue, along with safety. To address both concerns two of the windows were cut deeper to allow more light, and windows were fitted that would allow escape in case of a fire. Then all the metal framing members and drywall were delivered by the supplier straight into the basement apartment space.

The perimeter walls were insulated and metal stud framing was installed to provide the following rooms; master bedroom with a double closet, 2nd bedroom with a single closet, living room, three piece bathroom, eat-in kitchen, coat closet, laundry closet, pantry, storage and furnace room. Then plumbing and electrical were roughed in. Since it was an extension of the family home then only the ceilings of the bedrooms were sound insulated. Central vacuum piping was needed as the rough in was not completed by the builder. Then came drywall and taping. Doors and trims were installed.

The home owners took on the painting in order to save some money and a relative did the flooring and baseboards. Our Kitchen supplier did the cabinets and suggested a counter for the eat-in kitchen.


The son was able to move in with his wife and infant son, and they have been enjoying the space for some years now. This family has used us again for other projects since then and have referred us to family and friends. A fine testament to our professionalism as a renovation contractor.

Basement Renovations Kitchen Renovation Design Cabinet Laminate Flooring Vents Electrical By Adept Services Renovation Construction

Basement Renovations – Spacious 2 Bedroom Apartment

Having moved into a lovely detached home, the new owners wanted to improve the value of the property immediately by finishing the basement. This basement would have a self-contained 2 bedroom apartment while allowing the homeowners retain a lot of the square footage for storage. Because of our experience in basement renovations and the homeowner liking our basement ideas, we were contracted to do the job.

Project Details

This project involved digging to make plumbing rough-ins for a three piece bathroom, a kitchen and a laundry. Insulation was added to the perimeter walls and a combination of metal framing and wood framing members were used to make all the walls and bulk heads. Our electrical contractor provided wiring for pot lights, and other essentials to provide all the lighting, plugs and switches for the laundry, kitchen and washroom.

The homeowner requested that the three piece bathroom be completed as the first phase, then the rest could be done later. We complied, starting with sound insulation in the ceiling, then installing a prefab corner shower kit, installed ceramic tiles on the floor, and a vanity mirror combination, along with a standard toilet. With paint, trims, and finish hardware the washroom was ready for use well ahead of the rest of the basement.

Taping drywall is considered the first of the finishing trades, and our certified drywall tapers did not disappoint. For the next phase the rest of the place was sound insulated, drywalled, taped, primed and then the laminate floors were installed. This was followed by doors, trims, final paint, and installation of all electrical finishes, followed by the final Electrical inspection. Finally an Ikea kitchen was installed, the stairs painted and voila! We were done!


This project showcases the fact that the finishes play a large part in the project price. The price would go down if carpet were used instead of laminate, while the price would go up if hardwood were used. For the washroom, if a custom shower were used instead of the shower kit, more expensive floor tiles and vanity, then the price would go up even more. In this instance, the budget only allowed this level of finish and the client is quite happy with the result.

Laundry and Bathroom Renos South Dr Burlington Bath Tub install Border tiles Paint Plumbing Nook Niche By Adept Services Renovation Contractor

Laundry Room and Bathroom Renos

This client was so impressed with the speed and precision of the drywall work we did for him in his garage that he hired us to do a complete bathroom renovation and tiling in his laundry room and passage on the main floor.

What Was Involved

This project involved wrecking tiles in the laundry, passage and three piece bathroom on the main floor. The three piece bathroom was demolished and rebuilt almost from scratch. The shower was replaced with a tub, pot lights were put in the ceiling, new plumbing and alteration of drains happened. Insulation, vapour barrier, drywall and taping as well as tiling and trims were done. On the outside of the laundry a frost-free pipe was installed and a new vent for the dryer was made. In order to keep within budget the homeowners did the painting themselves.

How We Did

The project came together nicely. The selections made by the home-owners reflected good taste and so the results were stunning. We love what we do!

Office Interiors Tiled Floors Looby Area By Adept Services Renovation Contractor

Office Renovation

Office interiors make such a difference to the customer experience, so much so that a digital imaging company really wanted to make some changes to its front office and to create a new office for sales staff. Adept Services was contracted to do this office renovation.

Project Challenges

The landlord did not want to undertake the extensive changes so the tenant undertook some minor changes with our help. Upon entering the business, a client found himself in a long corridor leading to a door at the end and a passage to the left that lead to a conference room and a kitchen, through both of which one could access the warehouse. Alternatively, upon opening the door at the end of the corridor the client then comes into the reception area which was open to the production floor. None of these scenarios were desirable for the company. Changes were needed, but these changes had to happen at night and on weekends.

How We Solved Them

That wall at the end of the corridor with the door to the reception area was removed. Instead a wall was placed between the reception area and the production area, and the door that was moved from the corridor side was placed on the production side. As for the kitchen that was off the side passage, it was divided so that next to the reception area would be the office of the senior sales representative. Thus the kitchen could now only be accessed by staff members. The necessary framing, drywalling, painting and carpeting were done by Adept Services to achieve the desired results.

The Result

When a client walks in the front door he is immediately in sight of the receptionist who is able to greet him and seat him. The logical next person to see is the sales representative who is in an adjoining office. Now the production area is out of sight of non-staff members.

Since we concluded our part of the project, the landlord did undertake some other renovations, for which they used their own contractor, and the tenant did not have a choice in the matter. However, the structural changes we made stood and they still look beautiful!

Bathroom Renovations Warbler Lane Mississauga vertival borders subway tile pattern Niche Nook Frameless Glass Sliding Door By Adept Services Renovation Contractor

Master Bathroom Renovation

Having completed a two-bedroom basement apartment for these homeowners some years ago, they thought we would do a good job on their master bathroom renovation. We did not disappoint them.

Bathroom Renovation Scope

This project entailed, removing the custom shower and putting in its place a luxurious soaker tub, with modern glass doors, replacing the vanity, toilet, installing a mirror and medicine cabinet combo, installing a towel storage unit and shelving above the toilet, tiling walls and floor and replacing the bathroom fan. Needless to say this project involved some demolition and repair of walls and ceilings to achieve the necessary transformation. While we were at it we put sound insulation in the wall between the shower and the bedroom. As with all our bathroom renovations we installed a timer switch for the extraction fan so that the washroom will get all the moisture extracted even after the user has left the room.

The Result

As with all our projects, the clients are the ones who decide what they want done and they decide the finishes. This is indeed a thrilling part of our work because we do not end up doing the same thing project after project. We delight in seeing the clients’ vision become a reality, with our help. The results are WOW! As you can see from the pictures.

bathroom renos barr cres brampton Marble Look Ceramic Tiles Tile Wainscoting Extraction Fan and Vent By Adept Services Renovation Contractor

Family Bathroom Renovation

A couple contacted us after having some disappointments with a previous contractor who did their master bathroom. The wife said on the phone that she hoped we were the right one for this job of doing her family bathroom renovation. The job involved doing a complete gutting of the bathroom except for the ceiling (they requested that it remain untouched), putting in an extraction fan and rebuilding the space. This project would have been the latest in their effort to update their 28 year old northern Brampton Home.

How We Did It

Our crew moved in promptly on the project start date to protect the floors and stairs leading to the bathroom we had to renovate. Our bin arrived on time and demolition and cleanup was completed within the first day. Over the course of this two-week project we coordinated with one of homeowners who works at nights, to have noisy activity take place only at certain times or give prior notice when there is to be noise so that he could make alternate arrangements. Needless to say this took some doing when you consider that the plumber, the electrician, the drywaller, the taper, the tiler, the trim carpenter, the painter and the general labourer had to fit into a tight deadline. But we got it done!


We have bathroom renos down to an efficient method that really delivers the best results. However, the selections of the homeowner really made the project pop. Notice the choice of the black grout to pick up on the black accents in the tile. Of the two bathroom renovations the clients thought ours went more smoothly, than the previous contractor. Because of our performance the homeowners gave us the job to recap their stairs. That was done and we got a glowing review on HomeStars for our performance.