Patio Stones and Aluminum Railings Porch

Patio Stones and Custom Aluminum Railings can make the entrance of your home stand out and practical. When this Mississauga couple brought an aging parent to live with them, they were concerned about the high front porch they had with no railings. So they approached Adept Services to fix the patio stone steps leading up to the porch in preparation for putting in aluminum railings for the porch and steps.

Since the walkway and steps were made from patio stones, they decided to have similar stonework on the porch itself. The challenge in this is that that style and colour of patio stone were long out of production and so our crew had to search high and low to find a close enough substitute. After much searching one type was found and it was expertly installed.

After making the steps more level, measurements were taken and the aluminum railings were custom made to fit this site. The railings choice was a beige aluminum railing, with straight pickets. The result was a much updated look, with a definite increase in curb appeal. Please look at these before, during and after pictures and judge for yourself.