Full Home Renovation in Oakville

This young man in Oakville, was eager to impress his future wife. So he decided to do a full home renovation of his modern Townhouse. This would suit the old world taste of his Bostonian fiancée. The project involved: redoing the master bathroom; repairing and smoothing the ceilings in the downstairs areas; and replacing the carpet with a rustic look hardwood of varying widths on the floors and stairs. The baseboards were replaced with 6” colonial baseboard to harmonize the look. With help from his father and others, this energetic young man would tackle demolition and painting.

As always at Adept Services we pay attention to detail. Therefore, this client who is quite meticulous himself was able to see the project fulfill his high standards. Doing full home renovations require organization and skill to bring the projects to their desired results. We pride ourselves on the fact that our client could rest easy knowing that he was in good hands.

When this full home renovation project was completed we received a glowing testimonial and continued goodwill with this client. From these pictures you can see why.