Laundry Room and Bathroom Renos

This client was so impressed with the speed and precision of the drywall work we did for him in his garage that he hired us to do a complete bathroom renovation and tiling in his laundry room and passage on the main floor.

What Was Involved

This project involved wrecking tiles in the laundry, passage and three piece bathroom on the main floor. The three piece bathroom was demolished and rebuilt almost from scratch. The shower was replaced with a tub, pot lights were put in the ceiling, new plumbing and alteration of drains happened. Insulation, vapour barrier, drywall and taping as well as tiling and trims were done. On the outside of the laundry a frost-free pipe was installed and a new vent for the dryer was made. In order to keep within budget the homeowners did the painting themselves.

How We Did

The project came together nicely. The selections made by the home-owners reflected good taste and so the results were stunning. We love what we do!