Stairs Spindles and Trim Painting

Having used us in the past and loved our work, this couple decided that when next they were going on vacation they would leave the house key with Adept Services. The purpose was for us to use the time to sand and paint the stairs and railing spindles for their three story century home.

Clients’ Wishes

To make the interior look more contemporary, they wanted to change from the woodsy brown look of the spindles, front door, bench and trim to white. The railings were to be sanded and lacquered. This project required careful sanding and taping to maintain colour separation. Therefore, a two person crew would need a week to finish this project in this three story house.

How We Realized The Idea

Using a power sander and some manual hand sanding, we carefully prepared the wood. All the time attention was paid to dust control and cleanliness. Then quality Benjamin Moore paints were used to accomplish the desired results. Of course a protective clear coat was applied at the end of the project. The pictures testify to the results.