Basement Renovations – Spacious 2 Bedroom Apartment

Having moved into a lovely detached home, the new owners wanted to improve the value of the property immediately by finishing the basement. This basement would have a self-contained 2 bedroom apartment while allowing the homeowners retain a lot of the square footage for storage. Because of our experience in basement renovations and the homeowner liking our basement ideas, we were contracted to do the job.

Project Details

This project involved digging to make plumbing rough-ins for a three piece bathroom, a kitchen and a laundry. Insulation was added to the perimeter walls and a combination of metal framing and wood framing members were used to make all the walls and bulk heads. Our electrical contractor provided wiring for pot lights, and other essentials to provide all the lighting, plugs and switches for the laundry, kitchen and washroom.

The homeowner requested that the three piece bathroom be completed as the first phase, then the rest could be done later. We complied, starting with sound insulation in the ceiling, then installing a prefab corner shower kit, installed ceramic tiles on the floor, and a vanity mirror combination, along with a standard toilet. With paint, trims, and finish hardware the washroom was ready for use well ahead of the rest of the basement.

Taping drywall is considered the first of the finishing trades, and our certified drywall tapers did not disappoint. For the next phase the rest of the place was sound insulated, drywalled, taped, primed and then the laminate floors were installed. This was followed by doors, trims, final paint, and installation of all electrical finishes, followed by the final Electrical inspection. Finally an Ikea kitchen was installed, the stairs painted and voila! We were done!


This project showcases the fact that the finishes play a large part in the project price. The price would go down if carpet were used instead of laminate, while the price would go up if hardwood were used. For the washroom, if a custom shower were used instead of the shower kit, more expensive floor tiles and vanity, then the price would go up even more. In this instance, the budget only allowed this level of finish and the client is quite happy with the result.