Office Renovation

Office interiors make such a difference to the customer experience, so much so that a digital imaging company really wanted to make some changes to its front office and to create a new office for sales staff. Adept Services was contracted to do this office renovation.

Project Challenges

The landlord did not want to undertake the extensive changes so the tenant undertook some minor changes with our help. Upon entering the business, a client found himself in a long corridor leading to a door at the end and a passage to the left that lead to a conference room and a kitchen, through both of which one could access the warehouse. Alternatively, upon opening the door at the end of the corridor the client then comes into the reception area which was open to the production floor. None of these scenarios were desirable for the company. Changes were needed, but these changes had to happen at night and on weekends.

How We Solved Them

That wall at the end of the corridor with the door to the reception area was removed. Instead a wall was placed between the reception area and the production area, and the door that was moved from the corridor side was placed on the production side. As for the kitchen that was off the side passage, it was divided so that next to the reception area would be the office of the senior sales representative. Thus the kitchen could now only be accessed by staff members. The necessary framing, drywalling, painting and carpeting were done by Adept Services to achieve the desired results.

The Result

When a client walks in the front door he is immediately in sight of the receptionist who is able to greet him and seat him. The logical next person to see is the sales representative who is in an adjoining office. Now the production area is out of sight of non-staff members.

Since we concluded our part of the project, the landlord did undertake some other renovations, for which they used their own contractor, and the tenant did not have a choice in the matter. However, the structural changes we made stood and they still look beautiful!