Master Bedroom Suite Renovation

This couple loves their new house for its layout and the pool in the back as well as the easy commute to work. However, it needed some customizing for them to call it home. After contracting Adept Services to tile the laundry, this couple decided to go with us for their master suite renovation. This exciting project features two barn doors.

The Challenge

In order to enter the master bathroom one would have to walk through the closet. Furthermore, the closet had in it a makeup area which took a chunk of closet square footage away. After much discussion it was decided that the makeup area be demolished and the space reclaimed for the closet. The doorway from the closet to the bathroom would be sealed and a door way would be opened directly from the bedroom into the bathroom.

The master bathroom was fully tiled up to the ceiling, this proved to give an oppressive feeling in the room. So it was decided that one wall of tiles would be replaced by drywall and that some of the shower tiles should be removed to install pebbles as an accent. Also, pebbles had to be installed on the shower floor to massage the feet.

This work would require quite some demolition, which the home-owners decided to do themselves to save some money. However, there was some specialized tiling demolition that needed to be professionally done as some of the tiling had to be preserved in the bathroom.

All the baseboards in the suite had to be replaced.

The Closet

After the drywall work was done then hardwood was installed on the floor to match the master bedroom floor. A closet organizer system will be installed after painting, which will be done by the home-owners.

The Master Bedroom

The home-owners removed the ceiling stucco and Adept Services fixed the corners in preparation for paint. The baseboards were replaced and a flush latch was installed on one leaf of the master suite entrance door, which is a double door. From the master bedroom you will be able to see the two new barn doors.

The Master Bathroom

With the one wall of tiles removed the master bathroom has a much more open feeling. The accent pebbles are in place, the drywall around the skylight was repaired, and after painting, the frameless shower glass would be installed.

The Results

Stay tuned……………